Cracks in asphalt surfaces are not just unsightly; they can cause further damage by allowing moisture to penetrate the surface, softening the stone base and causing premature failure. This process can happen quickly, causing further cracking, spider webbing, pot holes, and other forms of degradation. Patching cracks often does not last and can cost several times more than just filling them in a timely manner. 

There are a number of contributing factors that could lead to the cracking and separation of asphalt pavement with the most common including:

  • Surface/Shrinkage Cracks: Caused by lack of traffic, extreme weather and temperature changes, and excess moisture.

  • Structural/Reflective Cracks: Caused by vertical and/or horizontal movements beneath pavement.

  • Joint/Seam Cracks: Caused by a weak seam or improper pinch roll. 

Crack filling is the process of placing material into working/non-working cracks to substantially reduce infiltration of water. Crack filling is characterized by minimal crack preparation and the use of bituminous filler materials. It is effective at reducing or delaying moisture damage, further crack corrosion, roughness, and rutting. This process is typically used for non-working cracks, but can be done on “working” cracks (i.e., those that open and close with changes in temperature). 


Lucky Clover Striping will combine their experience, knowledge, and skilled craftmanship to provide a professional and lasting repair on your pavement cracks and damage. With guaranteed work, LCS will make sure the repair is clean, done correctly, and will prevent further degradation. 



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